faqs | Matt

Isn’t it amazing that I am getting a lot of inquiries regarding my site? I hope to inspire people, but it appeared that many people need a lot of inspiring. This explains the continuous traffic at this site. I have collated here all the most frequently asked questions to know more about what I am doing here.

Is this the official Matt Koff site?

No, no, and NO! I am MattKoff but I am not THE Matt Koff. This is also not his official site however I wish it to be. But this website is made with the inspiration of him.

What is the purpose of this website?

If it is not yet obvious in the posted articles, the purpose of this website is to give people the right amount of humor and fascinating stories everyday. This is a story of my life (sort of) which is consist of one interesting story after another.

Do we need to be a member to check out the content?

If you haven’t checked it yet, no you do not need to be a member to view the content of this site. Putting this in a private setting or a website that generates profit would defeat the purpose of it spreading joy and happiness to the people. But of course, you need an account to interact with other people in the community if you want to join the forum. This is to give you notifications if someone responds to your questions.

Can we interact with you personally?

Yes, you can. As I already have stated on my contact page, you can send me an email or catch me up with the Matt Community.

More questions? Feel free to contact me today. For the meantime, have fun and enjoy reading!