Entertainment Day for the Uncle

Hello, friends!

I’ve had a great time with my nieces today. I have twin nieces from my sister Brianna and they are always a bomb. But today, they detonated and just exploded with sweetness and sprinkles on their big day.

It was their recital day. To give you a short background, my nieces Tatyana and Aleksandra are studying ballet. At a young age, they have already the passion for it which was great because back in my days, my passion just lies in the movement of my ants in their glass box. Of course, my family took this day as a reunion day. Mama and Papa even went down from Texas to see the twins first performance. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming to see many burly men in the little girls’ event. We even carried placards and banners which express our support. Overkill, right? But like any number one fan (in his case, fans) we went all out.

What did we see? Two little pink girls twirling like swirls of sundae. They look so sweet that it almost gave me a tooth decay. But every burly Koffeir men who are present were teary-eyed after the performance. Everybody was throwing out some form of an exclamation that ‘our girls have grown’. It was no doubt that they have. Our princesses whom we used to carry around in our trunk-like arms have grown up to be something else. It was one heck of realization to the family.


“That’s so sweet. This is perhaps the hardest part to any parents, guardians and even their support system.”


“Your family is so cute. I always come here to read the next thing you will upload. It was a breath of fresh air from all the hustle and bustle of this concrete jungle you call the city. Keep it up, Ma