There is nothing much to say about myself that I haven’t mentioned yet on the landing page. But just to make it clear, I am MattKoff but not really Matt Koff who is a good writer and a stand-up comedian. See the difference? Space, dude.

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Although to be honest, I am a big fan of him and always strive to give the same amount of happiness he brings to other people. Maybe, my friends are even right in their assumption that I chose to put up this page in honor of him.

Do I personally know him? No, I don’t. But I watched him once and since then I became a fan. I was not obsessive, but I find the happiness in going to places where I know he will perform. It is not so much about him, but the dedication he maintains in keeping people happy with just a word or a gesture. His performance, unlike the typical stand-up comedian which uses slapstick style, his are pure and honest words that are just unintentionally funny. It seems as if he wasn’t putting up too much effort and is just being natural about it. I was a witness when I watched him make a significant light on a person’s stressful day.

That’s also what made me realize that there is just so much happiness people can get in one day. They are driven to the brink of exhaustion and even beyond most of the time, so I want to be a part of something they can look up to lighten up their day. I want to give them a piece of hope in their everyday life through my one-liners, stories, and adventures. I want to be that person who can make a change in other people’s world.

It may be a cliché, but I want to be the change I want to see in the world.