I am Matthias Koffeir.

I am Matthias Koffeir

I am Matthias Koffeir. You can call me MattKoff (Yeah, like that popular Matt Koff with a space) for sure. A lot of people do, and it made their lives better. I do not have a wife, not even a girlfriend or a boyfriend but I have a dog. Don’t get me wrong, my dog is special. She doesn’t talk back to me when I go home later than usual and she’s all about supporting me in telling my stories to the world. In fact, she always almost does not pee on my couch whenever I go home with another award in my hand. (Most of the time, these are vouchers I’ve won ((stole)) by being a super here). She was also my life when at 28, I just moved out from home. (What? My parents love me!)

So what do I offer on this blog site? Basically all fun and excitement of my everyday life. This is an online journal I made just because I can. I don’t really provide any products and services. Instead, I share with you my amazing adventures every day. I give you a glimpse of the glitz and glamor of MattKoff. If you are gonna ask, that is not a typo. There is really no space between Matt and Koff. One word. (PS and I really have glamor)

What is so important about my life? I discovered that in the life we have now at present, we have become really career-driven. Men and women, alike. There is no problem with this. In fact, this helps them keep afloat in their daily lives. However, I think almost everyone cannot find that light anymore that alleviates the burden on one’s shoulder. So this site is basically made to give a smile on your faces. This may be an online journal, but I live on one mission – providing fun stories to the people.

So where do I start? Of course with my life. Many people could attest that my life is one big comedy. I never really had a day of serious trouble in my life – no if you are not going to consider the day my garage door broke down in the middle of the night. But even then, www.a1garage.com/houston-tx was immediately on my doorsteps to cover it. I don’t know if it was because I rarely take problems seriously or I’m just your typical weirdo with a positive outlook on life. Although it’s not always unicorns and rainbows for me, I also cry sometimes but nothing over something irreconcilable. It also helps a lot that I’m surrounded by people who take problems with a hint of levity.

This is what I hope to bring here in my website. I hope to inspire with my constant positive outlook in life. I’m going to show you how I maintain a good composure even through the worse stresses in my life.

Like what my mother always says, life is too good for you to be frustrated about. Take it one day at a time and enjoy even the worse times. It’s just part of growing up.

Follow me and watch out for my MattVENTURES!

Hiring a Garage Door Repair Professional

Most of the homeowners don’t plan ahead to deal with the garage door problems because they find themselves in need of repairing job at one time or more. Let’s give you helpful guidelines for hiring an expert garage door technician like, Dayton Garage Door Pros to do fixing jobs.

Do you use garage door frequently then you may often find yourself in the need of garage door fixing? Whether it is an operating system failure or structural damages, there may chances that you will need professional services to restore the performance of your garage door. Spend little time to carefully evaluate who you hire to deal with the garage door problems to make sure that you will be happy and satisfied with the results in the long run.

The situation of garage door: Definitely, the first thing that you will have to perform is to evaluate the garage door problems. You may be needing help just because of the structural damages of the garage door itself, or it is the garage door springs or opener which may not work properly. You may experience more than one trouble at a time. Before calling a professional garage door technician, determine exactly what you need and want to do, so that you can decide who you choose for your garage door and whether they have the right skills to do this project.

Finding the right garage door professional: If you have relatives or friends who have had the experience of similar problems, ask them for a recommendation. Their opinion matters because if they are satisfied, you will be confident about getting quality services. Otherwise, use the internet or yellow pages to find out a technician near you and to make a list of professionals who look promising to provide efficient services.

Call them one by one to discuss your problems and ask them about their experiences, qualification, and prices. If they show hesitation while answering your queries, cross them off from your list. Before choosing one of them, it is good to verify that they are properly registered, licensed, and have valuable references.

Ongoing garage door maintenance:

Once garage door problems have been fixed, you will have to perform some garage door maintenance routines to keep it in good working shape. If anything shows trouble before the guarantee gets expires, call a technician who did the job right away to come and fix the things. Furthermore, you will have to practice the necessary maintenance to keep your garage door functional such as, lubricating all the moving parts, cleaning the garage door tracks, and installing a bumper to avoid the car damages.

As long as you spend time choosing the company who will do the garage door repair project, you will be satisfied with the services in a long run, hopefully as long as you will use the garage door. You may also install additional components to enhance the functionality of the garage door. It is something that will save your money and time if you combine the renovation and fixing project instead of planning it in separate times. Whatever the objective is behind it, choosing the professional garage door repair company is important.

Entertainment Day for the Uncle

Hello, friends!

I’ve had a great time with my nieces today. I have twin nieces from my sister Brianna and they are always a bomb. But today, they detonated and just exploded with sweetness and sprinkles on their big day.

It was their recital day. To give you a short background, my nieces Tatyana and Aleksandra are studying ballet. At a young age, they have already the passion for it which was great because back in my days, my passion just lies in the movement of my ants in their glass box. Of course, my family took this day as a reunion day. Mama and Papa even went down from Texas to see the twins first performance. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming to see many burly men in the little girls’ event. We even carried placards and banners which express our support. Overkill, right? But like any number one fan (in his case, fans) we went all out.

What did we see? Two little pink girls twirling like swirls of sundae. They look so sweet that it almost gave me a tooth decay. But every burly Koffeir men who are present were teary-eyed after the performance. Everybody was throwing out some form of an exclamation that ‘our girls have grown’. It was no doubt that they have. Our princesses whom we used to carry around in our trunk-like arms have grown up to be something else. It was one heck of realization to the family.


“That’s so sweet. This is perhaps the hardest part to any parents, guardians and even their support system.”


“Your family is so cute. I always come here to read the next thing you will upload. It was a breath of fresh air from all the hustle and bustle of this concrete jungle you call the city. Keep it up, Ma